Connect with Nature.
Reconnect with Yourself.

We need nature.

Imagine leaving layers of worry and stress at the gate. Slow down and shift from feeling busy, scattered, and frazzled to having a heightened sense of connection.

You wander in the wilderness as if you were walking into a holy temple. Here, nature is the temple. The forest, the rocks, the water, the trees, the wildlife, the stars.

Join us at Wild Heart Preserve for Somatic Eco-Therapy and Wild Heart Day Retreats.

Wild Heart Preserve

Enjoy childlike curiosity and adventure.
You’re free to roam and explore the remarkable landscape.

Nature Therapy

Half or full-day nature therapy immersive at Wild Heart Preserve. Nature is our ally. Our teacher. Our therapist. Our partner. Yet, we are nature-starved.

Our bodies hold anxiety, stress and trauma. Somatic Eco-Therapy addresses this in an engaging, experiential form of body-centered psychotherapy. Learn More.

wild heart day retreats

A customized eco-spiritual day of ceremony, exploring in wilderness, and taking time to tune into your own heart and soul.

Reflect on the big picture of your life. Contemplate where you have been, where you are headed and what needs to be healed. Learn More.

About Rachael

We all have a longing.

We long for love, we long for connection, we crave being seen, heard and understood… to feel that we belong.

When we return to our breath, our body and our senses we can reach the truth within.

When we embrace nature, nature welcomes us and becomes our playground and our companion. It is the bridge to our wild heart.

From this place, together, we can explore the depths. Discover. Repair. Heal. Celebrate. Honor in ceremony. Emerge with bright eyes and an open heart. Learn More

This is my life’s passion.
This is my Hero’s Journey.
Are you ready to start yours?

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